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Book Appointment:

With the mPatientcare app, a patient can book an appointment with the desired doctor. A patient can select the doctor as per their requirement and as per their convenience of date and time. A doctor can approve the appointment request as per the schedule. No need to sit a long time in the waiting of doctor’s area of a hospital.

Book Lab:

mPatientcare does the booking of the lab, too. In general, we used to see the people waiting a long time for laboratory appointments and rest results. Here once you book a lab appointment, no need to worry about your turn. Everything is just automated. For the laboratories, this facility would be quite interesting and helpful.

Health Checkup:

Doctors in general, get the patients who used to be in a hurry to get cured. But what about normal health check-ups? You will get your clients even when they want their daily health check-ups with a mPatientcare app. Because here everything is just automated and notifications are available to remind your patients.

Corporate Tie-ups:

Large hospitals are getting tied up with the other hospitals for the availability of the doctors of each department. They need to find the doctors manually or with the Google search. What if you don’t know the doctor’s expertise? Just download mPatientcare and get informed about the hospitals and doctors nearby.

Online Consultation:

There comes a time when people don’t have time to visit the hospital and keep delaying their appointments with the doctor. Here there is no chance of delays. Have the online consultation with your patients with mPatientcare anytime, anywhere.

Payment Gateway:

the mPatientcare app is having payment gateways to get your payment online. Get paid online for online consultation and booked appointments.

Blood Availability:

Hospitals can put their blood bank details in the app database to show the blood availability at their blood banks.


Nowadays every hospital is having ambulance contact or personal ambulance. Do your ambulance business without even advertising. List on your mPatientcare app and get ambulance booking done from the patients.

Hospital’s Facility & equipment:

With your own app you can show the capabilities of your hospitals. People will not need to get confused about where to find a well-equipped hospital. With this feature, mouth to mouth publicity of any hospital can be done.

Order Medicines:

Hospitals will need to order medicines of any kind at any time. They need not consult with the medical or pharmacies directly. With a mPatientcare app, they can directly order medicines at their hospital.

Health Tips:

We have a complete solution for the patients of any hospital. A patient will not get the guidance under premises of your hospital just. But even when they will be getting logged in with your mpatientcare app. This app will have health tips of the daily routine other specific diets.

Direction & Address:

the mPatientcare app can help hospitals finding their patients and patients to the hospitals. Because a right directed patient will reach the right hospitals. Same as the hospitals will get profit. Because the app will guide them along the way to the hospitals.

Virtual Tour Of Hospital:

Yes, every patient needs to see the location of cure. And the app is offering the same. People can see the hospital's premises, location and everything with the app. In short, a virtual tour itself.

Doctors! An Amazing thing You have For Your Business But You Don’t Know!

Nowadays every business is having a smart way to make their revenue faster and bigger. Doctors & medical centres do have business policies and used to help people to get them cured quickly and with the best possible ways.Patients are generally in a hurry to find their doctors to have a good treatment. To make these things easy and smart, we have a great idea and implementation. An app that works so helpful to the doctors and patients. A complete system that makes doctors available to the patients and patients to the doctors.

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