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Why mPatientcare?

As we all know, the current scenario is based on eCommerce business. Everything has become just online. To cope with the technological times, every business has to alter the conventional business logic and system. And the tendency is getting a good response from the public, too. For the pharmacies and hospital’s business, the mPatientcare has become the necessary technology. Here is why?

  •    Made for doctor's feasibility and convenience as well as the patients.
  •    Doctors/ hospitals can easily convert prospects into patients
  •    The online consultation is possible with the app so every doctor can make the reputation with this app.
  •    Even the start-up hospital can gain more benefits with the app because of its functionality.
  •    Laboratories and hospitals can find the best interactive platform with an app.
  •    Currently, there comes a situation when patients do not know even the hospital's existence sometimes.
  •    At that time, mPatientCare help finding your hospital along the way and can get the mouth to mouth publicity.
  •    Also, there comes a time when in emergency hospitals don't get time to buy medicines from the outside and
  •       the medicine becomes patient's prime need. With this app, they can simply order the medicine and the
  •       medicines
  •       will be right away at their hospitals.
  •    So this is one kind of multi-functional app providing whole and sole functionality to medical business.

How does mPatientCare work?

  •    The mPatientCare app helps patient finding the doctor/hospital
  •    It can also help with the laboratory
  •    Also, mPatientCare books an appointment with the doctor and patient
  •    A doctor can directly send the notification about the confirmation of the appointment
  •    A patient can initiate the booking of the appointment with the doctor
  •    If a hospital needs mPatientCare then they can include their doctors with the app
  •    So the patients can see the number of doctors available in the app
  •    Also, the hospitals can share their pictures or video over the app
  •    In short, a virtual tour of the hospital can be done with this app
  •    The patients can see the equipment and facilities available at the hospitals so there is no need to worry about
  •       the hospital to prove their ability in front of the competitors.
  •    The app is working on increasing the revenue of the hospitals or doctors using different features and showing
  •       their capability to the target audience. I.e., Patients.

Why Doctor/ hospital needs mPatientCare?

  •    In general, the patient does not know the actual scenario of the hospitals.
  •    Patients need to check if the hospital is capable of doing such aid with their treatment
  •    The app is aiding here to the hospitals actually.
  •    Yes, because with this app hospital/ doctor can show the virtual tour of their location and can also show the
  •       equipment and the number of doctors available
  •    A doctor individual can show the years of experience along with the area of expertise. Hence a complete
  •       profile of the doctor will be updated here.
  •    Patients will come to know the real caregivers of them with the app.blicity.
  •    A doctor needs mPatientCare because this app offers online consultation, too.
  •    Half of the income can be made through the online consultation feature.
  •    It is known that hospitals are having interactions with the laboratories.
  •    So hospitals can gain much profit when each appointment is booked with the mPatientCare for a laboratory.

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