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mPatientCare offers a complete app and website solution for the healthcare industry. If you are looking for a doctor app development or a doctor website development, mPatientCare is the perfect place for you! We offer you the best services in the sector because we understand the needs of the healthcare industry to the fullest and give you the right kind of services accordingly. mPatientCare is the perfect healthcare solution for doctors, patients, and hospitals. It is a mobile healthcare app which has been designed as well as implemented by IT experts with good knowledge of the health industry. The app is meant for doctors, diagnosis labs as well as hospitals. The mPatientCare App is a one-stop solution for patient care and for all your medical requirements whether you wish to consult a doctor, keep track of your patient's health or follow the history of your patients, mPatientCare has got you covered. We design the app in a way that it is beautiful and seamless that appeals as soon as your client opens the app. We make sure that we incorporate all the things that you require. This design is very easy on the eyes and therefore makes it easy for you to navigate through the vast archives of information that are available to you through the app. It is perfect for your patients because they can choose from the plethora of options given in the app.

This mobile app for hospitals also stores personalized and customized records for each and every patient. It also lends real-time information and details about pharmacies, hospitals, labs as well as other healthcare services to the users.

mPatientCare is an ideal mobile app for clinics on which the users can easily book an appointment with their chosen doctor according to their medical needs. In addition to that, you can connect the app with many online pharmacies. This makes it easy for your patients to order medicines online from the comfort of their homes. They can even search for the medicines that they require. All you need to do as a user is upload your prescriptions on the app, and you will get the medicines delivered at the doorstep. You can also offer easy packages to your users. With customized packages given on the mobile app, they can also choose from a multitude of options according to their requirements. These packages can comprise special packages for women, senior citizens as well as young working individuals. Every single package can be designed based on its own unique set of benefits.

It is pertinent to note that the mPatientCare app is not meant for doctors alone. It comprises of a complete hospital app development or a healthcare app development. The mPatientCare app is an amalgamation of a plethora of services that includes blood donation, blood tests, emergency care, and ambulance as well as many other lab tests that users can easily book via the app. In addition to all this, with this patient app development or ehealth app development, you can also offer the users health tips and life support so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. It is also possible for the users to see images on the app and they can also take virtual medical tours of your hospital or clinic that they want to visit. This way, the users will know precisely what they are getting themselves into prior to taking a decision.

The mPatientCare app is a one-of-a-kind and unique solution to any and all your healthcare requirements. It stands out from all the other apps in the market because it is the only app that has made it possible to integrate and deliver such a wide variety of services in a single application. In addition to that, the mPatientCare app also supports a full range of platforms for patients, doctors, pharmacists as well as other medical service providers so that they can interact with each other successfully and so that everyone can mutually benefit from the app. Users can easily download this app on Android phones as well as iOS.

Features of the mPatientCare App

The mPatientCare App is an all new and revolutionary healthcare app that has changed the way people lead their lives and get well sooner. The primary aim of the mPatientCare app is to make it feasible for hospitals and doctors to get in touch with patients and provide their services for the betterment of the users through the telemedicine app development. In the digital age today where everyone leads a rapid life, it might get cumbersome and tedious to visit hospitals or doctors without even knowing if they can provide the user with any relief. Therefore, with the help of healthcare mobile app development, it provides the perfect platform for medical service providers as well as patients to find each other and benefit each other through a single app. When patients are in a hurry to get some medical attention or treatment, they can easily find a doctor on the app of your hospital and get the appropriate treatment without any delay. Patients can also avail the services of lab testing and medicine delivery at their homes through this app. Therefore, it can be said that the mPatientCare app is a lifesaver not just for patients but also for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

mPatientCare offers an all-round solution for the following

Hospitals :
A healthcare website development is essential for any hospital in today's times. Once the hospital website development is in place for the hospitals, they can have a proper recognition. mPatientCare helps build such website and apps that are immensely beneficial for the hospitals because they can easily create multiple profiles of their doctors highlighting their work experience and qualifications. It gives a better online presence to the hospitals and helps them in managing all the appointments through just one single app. Moreover, it is also easy to send reminders to patients and confirmation of their appointments through SMS by programming it on the website and the app appropriately. In case a patient wants a quick consultation, he/she can even get a video consultation for primary diagnosis. It makes the entire process very swift and user-friendly. Therefore, to be at par with the technology and to offer the best services, every hospital needs to have such comprehensive apps. It would make the administrative process also much easier and convenient for the employees, the doctors as well as the patients.

Doctors :
If you are looking for a doctor app development, mPatientCare can serve as the perfect medical app development portal for you. The mPatientCare app is a great platform for doctors to create an online presence for themselves and offer their services to the users. It can be a place for doctors to treat patients in a quick and hassle-free manner. Through the app, doctors can also easily track the progress of their patients, engage in video consultations, suggest other services that might be valuable for them and write online prescriptions for their patients. The best thing about the apps that mPatientCare make for doctors is perhaps the fact that they can access the portal from anywhere and they do not necessarily need to be physically present to provide their medical expertise to their patients. This platform is ideal for established doctors as well as new doctors alike as it gives them the flexibility to choose their own hours and provide personalized services to every patient according to their medical history. In addition to that, doctors have access to the entire medical history of the patients as well as their blood test reports. Therefore, they do not have to refer the important documents in multiple places and can find everything they need in one place. This makes for a highly customized medical experience for the patients, and the doctors can also find fulfillment in their work. Hence an app and a website devoted to the services of the doctors can increase the productivity and efficiency of doctors by manifolds.

Clinics :
The clinics are perhaps the most benefited from the platform. Once a patient of the clinic registers on the app, he/she can create an online profile easily by entering their personal details. Thereafter, it is a piece of cake for patients to find doctors, their profiles, expertise and even virtually visit the clinic to see if their services match the requirements of the patients. Once they choose a doctor that fulfills their needs, users can easily book online appointments to have an interaction with their preferred doctor. They will also get an SMS confirmation, confirming their appointment with the doctor. In addition to that, patients can also request video consultation with their doctors if for some reason they cannot visit the clinic or the hospital. Sometimes, the doctors might also suggest video consultations to the patients in case there is a medical emergency or the doctors feel that the patient needs it immediately. The best thing about this platform for clinics is that patients can upload their data and medical history on the app and easily access it whenever they wish to. Not just this, but the doctors can also access the patient's medical records which significantly quickens the entire process of getting medical attention. Overall, a clinic can become more efficient and streamline all its processes with the help of an app developed by mPatientCare.

Benefits of Using The mPatientCare App

There are several benefits of using a mobile app for doctor created by a healthcare IT company. The app is equally beneficial for hospitals, patients as well as the doctors. The apps developed by mPatientCare is a result of a telemedicine portal development. It is a perfect example of the use of the latest technology for making healthcare services more efficient.

Let's check out some of the benefits of using the mPatientCare App:

Appointments Can Be Managed with Ease :
The doctor booking app development ensures that all the appointments are easily made by patients according to the slots available for any doctor. The app gives real-time information, so there is no scope for overlap. It does not require you to have someone sitting next to the phone and checking out the availability of the doctors. It can be done by the patients themselves.

Confirmation & Reminders On SMS :
Immediate confirmation is sent to the patient and the doctor once the appointment is booked. Easy reminders can also be sent through the app.

Option to Suggest Pharmacies, Labs or Stores Directly :
Doctors can give suggestions to their patients to visit certain pharmacies, labs or stores to get the specifically prescribed medicines or tests done directly through the app. It makes the lives of the patients as well as the doctors much easier.

Track Your Patients with Ease & Comfort :
You don't have to refer to age-old medical records or files of the patients to check out his/her history. You can directly have access to all their medical records in one go through the app.

Search for Hospitals, Doctors or Pharmacies Using Geo-location tracking :
With the medical apps developed by mPatientCare, you can make good use of geo-location. Once you switch on your location, the app can help you narrow down your choices based on the available places around you.

Possibility to Add Referrals and Grow the Community :
The app gives you the option to refer your patients to other doctors or clinics anytime and also track the progress whenever you want. It helps you grow your community as well.

With these benefits and much more, it is only obvious that you can avail the best services by getting a mobile app for hospital made by mPatientCare. Being an IT healthcare company, mPatientCare can understand the needs of the health industry better than anyone else. It can help you expand your geographical reach and also make it easy for your patients to avail your services. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out now and avail our amazing healthcare app development services in no time!

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