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mPatientCare offers a complete app and website solution for the healthcare industry. If you are looking for a doctor app development or a doctor website development, mPatientCare is the perfect place for you! We offer you the best services in the sector because we understand the needs of the healthcare industry to the fullest and give you the right kind of services accordingly. mPatientCare is the perfect healthcare solution for doctors, patients, and hospitals. It is a mobile healthcare app which has been designed as well as implemented by IT experts with good knowledge of the health industry. The app is meant for doctors, diagnosis labs as well as hospitals. The mPatientCare App is a one-stop solution read more


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Healthcare Mobile App Development Features

Book Appointment

Book Appointment:

With the mPatientcare app, a patient can book an appointment with the desired doctor. A patient can select the doctor as per their requirement and as per their convenience of date and time.

A doctor can approve the appointment request as per the schedule. No need to sit a long time in the waiting of doctor's area of a hospital.

Book Lab

Book Lab:

mPatientcare does the booking of the lab, too. In general, we used to see the people waiting a long time for laboratory appointments and rest results.

Health Checkup

Health Checkup:

Doctors in general, get the patients who used to be in a hurry to get cured. But what about normal health check-ups?

You will get your clients even when they want their daily health check-ups with a mPatientcare app. Because here everything is just automated and notifications are available to remind your patients.

Corporate Tie-ups

Corporate Tie-ups:

Large hospitals are getting tied up with the other hospitals for the availability of the doctors of each department.

They need to find the doctors manually or with the Google search. What if you don't know the doctor's expertise? Just download mPatientcare and get informed about the hospitals and doctors nearby.

Healthcare App Benefits for
Business and Customers

There are several benefits of using a mobile app for doctor created by a healthcare IT company. The app is equally beneficial for hospitals, patients as well as the doctors. The apps developed by mPatientCare is a result of a telemedicine portal development. It is a perfect example of the use of the latest technology for making healthcare services more efficient.

Let's check out some of the benefits of using the mPatientCare App:

Easy to Manage Appointment

Appointments Can Be Managed with Ease:

The doctor booking app development ensures that all the appointments are easily made by patients according to the slots available for any doctor. The

app gives real-time information, so there is no scope for overlap. It does not require you to have someone sitting next to the phone and checking out the availability of the doctors. It can be done by the patients themselves.

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SMS Confirmation

Confirmation & Reminders On SMS:

Immediate confirmation is sent to the patient and the doctor once the appointment is booked. Easy reminders can also be sent through

the app.

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Suggest Services

Option to Suggest Pharmacies, Labs or Stores Directly:

Doctors can give suggestions to their patients to visit certain pharmacies, labs or stores to get the specifically prescribed medicines or tests done

directly through the app

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Referral Growth

Possibility to Add Referrals and Grow the Community:

The app gives you the option to refer your patients to other doctors or clinics anytime and also track the progress whenever you want. It helps you grow your community as well. With these

benefits and much more, it is only obvious that you can avail the best services by getting a mobile app for hospital made by mPatientCare. Being an IT healthcare company, mPatientCare can understand the needs of the health industry better than anyone else. It can help you expand your geographical reach and also make it easy for your patients to avail your services. So, what are you waiting for? Try it out now and avail our amazing healthcare app development services in no time!

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Search Facility

Search for Hospitals, Doctors or Pharmacies Using Geo-location tracking:

With the medical apps developed by mPatientCare, you can make good use of geo-location. Once you switch on your location, the app can help

you narrow down your choices based on the available places around you.

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Patient Tracking

Track Your Patients with Ease & Comfort:

You don't have to refer to age-old medical records or files of the patients to check out his/her history. You can directly have access to all their medical records in one go through the


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Work should solve real problems, honing in on and delivering value in the space of unmet needs.

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